About GBA 2021

The biennial Green Building Award is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) and the Professional Green Building Council (PGBC) and was inaugurated by PGBC in 2006. The Award aims to provide recognition to building-related projects and organisations with outstanding performance and contributions in sustainability and the built environment and also to transform the mainstream market towards wider adoption of sustainable planning, design, construction, management, operation, maintenance, renovation and decommissioning of buildings.

With the theme of ‘Shaping Liveability • Excellence in Sustainable Built Environment’, the Green Building Award 2021 (GBA 2021) is open for nominations. Winners will be revealed at an award presentation ceremony in January 2022.

GBA 2021 covers five categories: New Buildings (NB), Existing Buildings (EB), Research & Planning (RP), Building Products & Technologies (BPT) and Green Building Leadership (GBL). Industry practitioners are invited to submit nominations which go beyond the conventional practice, stretch their boundaries in advancing sustainability, and accelerate Hong Kong’s development into a more liveable city.

Projects and organisations that were nominated before but have never received any Grand Award or Pioneer Award in the past 10 years under the same Sub-Category from the previous Green Building Awards are also welcome (subject to respective category/ sub-category’s criteria).To learn more about the Winners and Finalists from last edition, please refer to the GBA 2019 eBooklet.

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We look forward to an exciting GBA 2021 with your participation! 

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About GBA logo

The spherical GBA logo embraces multiple overlapping spheres depicting global sustainability elements. They interlock and evolve harmoniously to form an infinite cycle of dynamic forces for future generations. Central to the GBA globes is the integration of green with Mother Nature – water, earth and sky.