Jury Panel

GBA 2021 Jury Panel is formed by an independent and diverse group of local and overseas professionals. The Jury Panel is responsible for granting projects / organisations with Grand Award, Pioneer Award or Merit Award, as well as special citation.

Honorary Advisor

  • Mr Michael WONG Wai-lun, JPMr Michael WONG Wai-lun, JP
    Secretary for Development, Development Bureau

Jury Panel

International Juror

  • Prof. HO Puay-pengProf. HO Puay-peng
    UNESCO Chair on Architectural Heritage Conservation and Management in Asia &
    Professor of Architecture,
    Head of Department of Architecture,
    National University of Singapore

Local Jurors

  • Ir Aaron BOK Kwok-mingIr Aaron BOK Kwok-ming
    Senior Vice President,
    The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
  • Mr Benny CHANMr Benny CHAN
    Vice President (Local Affairs),
    Hong Kong Institute of Urban Design
  • Dr Johnnie CHAN Chi-kau, SBS, BBS, JPDr Johnnie CHAN Chi-kau, SBS, BBS, JP
    Immediate Past President,
    The Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies
  • Ms Clara CHANMs Clara CHAN
    Chairman of
    Hong Kong Building Materials & Construction Industries Council and
    Honorable Chairman of
    Hong Kong Trade Services Council, Federation of Hong Kong Industries
  • Mr Robert CHAN Hong-kiMr Robert CHAN Hong-ki
    Committee Member,
    BEAM Society Limited
  • Mr Lawrence CHAU Mr Lawrence CHAU
    Immediate Past President,
    The Hong Kong Institute of Planners
  • Prof. Leslie CHEN, JPProf. Leslie CHEN, JP
    Dean, Faculty of Design and Environment,
    Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong
  • Ir Barry CHU Kei-mingIr Barry CHU Kei-ming
    Assistant Director / Electricity and Energy Efficiency,
    Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
  • Prof. Paul CHU Prof. Paul CHU
    Head & Professor,
    Department of Architecture,
    Chu Hai College of Higher Education
  • Mr Ivan CHUNG Man-kit, JPMr Ivan CHUNG Man-kit, JP
    Director of Planning,
    Planning Department
  • Prof. Thomas CHUNG Prof. Thomas CHUNG
    Associate Professor,
    School of Architecture,
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Ir C. S. HOIr C. S. HO
    Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency
  • Ms Winnie HO Wing-yin, JPMs Winnie HO Wing-yin, JP
    Director of Architectural Services,
    Architectural Services Department
  • Ms Iris HOIMs Iris HOI
    The Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects
  • Prof. Alexis LAUProf. Alexis LAU
    Vice Chairman,
    Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals
  • Mr Albert LEE Wai-bun, JPMr Albert LEE Wai-bun, JP
    Acting Director,
    Civil Engineering and Development Department
  • Mr James LEEMr James LEE
    First Vice President,
    Hong Kong Construction Association
  • Mr Kelvin LO Kwok-wah, JP Mr Kelvin LO Kwok-wah, JP
    Director of Water Supplies,
    Water Supplies Department
  • Mr Joe LUI Kwun-yuenMr Joe LUI Kwun-yuen
    Council Member, Chairperson of Board of Mainland Affairs,
    The Hong Kong Institute of Architects
  • Ms Alice PANG, JPMs Alice PANG, JP
    Director of Drainage Services,
    Drainage Services Department
  • Ir Prof. POON Chi-sunIr Prof. POON Chi-sun
    Michael Anson Professor in
    Civil Engineering &
    Chair Professor, Sustainable Construction Materials &
    Head, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    Head, Department of Architecture,
    The University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. Nora TAM Fung-yeeProf. Nora TAM Fung-yee
    Chair Professor, Environmental Science and Conservation,
    School of Science and Technology,
    Hong Kong Metropolitan University
  • Sr Edwin TANG Hoi-kwanSr Edwin TANG Hoi-kwan
    The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
  • Hon. Tony TSE Wai-chuen, BBS, JPHon. Tony TSE Wai-chuen, BBS, JP
    Legislative Council Member
    (Architectural, Surveying,
    Planning and Landscape),
    Legislative Council
  • Dr Edwin TSO Chi-yanDr Edwin TSO Chi-yan
    Assistant Professor,
    School of Energy and Environment,
    City University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. Jonathan WONGProf. Jonathan WONG
    Director of the Institute of Bioresource and Agriculture,
    Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Prof. WONG Ming-hungProf. WONG Ming-hung
    Advisor (Environmental Science),
    Department of Science and Environmental Studies,
    The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. YANG Jia-chuanProf. YANG Jia-chuan
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Sr Gary YEUNG Man-kaiSr Gary YEUNG Man-kai
    The Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management
  • Mr YU Tak-cheung, JPMr YU Tak-cheung, JP
    Director of Buildings,
    Buildings Department

The Organisers have taken all necessary precautions to ensure a transparent and fair judging process. Directors, related committee members and staff of the Organisers are refrained from joining the Jury Panel. A proper process of declaration of interest is also in place to ensure fairness during the whole course.